Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Someone To Come Home To on Amazon

Someone To Come Home To

A very short, nonfiction piece about how adopting my dog helped to improve my life.  Rights purchased in January 2012 for an anthology.  It's a neat little book about how to deal with the anxieties life throws at us.  Here's the Amazon link.  The Kindle is $2.99 and the paperback is $8.99.  Thanks for taking a look.  You can see a picture of the happy greyhound, and comment on the piece, at this entry set up for it on my blog.  Please and thank you!


  1. My cats might be against me reading this lol. But there's nothing like seeing their happy faces in the windows when I come home -- great title for your piece :)

    1. Thanks, Dreki. And I meant it. He was then, and still is, someone awesome to come home to. You can tell how much I mean it, because I should be saying "something," but he's never been just a thing to me. I don't think he thinks he is, either!

    2. Lol I am sure he knows he isn't :) It's a great piece, so open and honest. It made me remember when I was married, how I was always in trouble for loving the cat more.... Hurmm. But good pieces always evoke memories/connections so :)

    3. Thanks for reading the piece! And for grabbing a copy of the book. I didn't know you were married. I'm sorry to hear that happened to someone like you who's so funny and friendly!