Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Free Contest and Pics--"The Zombie's Lament" in Black Chaos II

Black Chaos II is now available!  You can get my story--"The Zombie's Lament"--and 24 other great zombie stories for just $4.99 on Kindle and other devices.  It's also available as an actual book!  :-)
Both versions are currently at stores and are up at Smashwords and Amazon.
The premise of my story: It's about a guy who loses the love of his life, gets bitten in the face by a zombie, and tries to apologize to his beloved before he turns--or dies.

On page 65 of Black Chaos II, edited by Bill Olver and published by Big Pulp Publications, you'll find my short story, "The Zombie's Lament." 

The cover looks great: bright colors, cool image from a known artist--Ken Knudtsen, who has worked on Wolverine for Marvel Comics, and on projects for David Geffen. 

I've been very lucky with covers of magazines and books for my short stories.  "Hide the Weird" was in an issue of Space and Time Magazine.  That cover was really cool, too.  Not too nerdy, very bright and colorful, and a skeleton is laying back, chilling out on the beach, having a drink--as the nuclear apocalypse mushrooms in the distance.  What else can you ask for?

The book's print is in good shape.  The ink is solid and it doesn't look unprofessional or cheap.  The author bio came out great.  There aren't any typos anywhere, and the book as a whole just looks good.

Anyway, the ISBN for Black Chaos II: More Tales of the Zombie, is 978-0-9896812-2-3.  It's available via bookstores, both brick-and-mortar and online.  The stories and poems are about zombies in relationships, zombies in the circus, zombies in a Christmas special, a mother-in-law zombie, and pissed-off zombies.  In short, if you like your zombies a little bit different, you'll like this book.

So, now, the contest!

On this, my published works blog, you'll find "Everything's Connected" and "So Many Reasons to Celebrate the Season."  These stories were written by me and purchased and published by and  And they're free!  The first one is a very short, light detective piece and the latter is a very short (and, IMO, very funny--yet very not) slice-of-life piece about a writer coming home to a failing marriage and a houseload of people on Christmas Eve.  Jack Nicholson in full The Shining mode makes a brief appearance in that one.

As you can see, I've sold other works, but they ain't available for free.  :-(

Anyway, to enter the contest, all you have to do is choose one of those two free stories, click the link, read it, and leave a thought or two about the story as a comment on my Published Works blog beneath that story.  Read both stories and comment on each and you get entered into the contest twice!  The winner gets a free copy of Black Chaos II: More Tales of the Zombie.  You don't pay for the book and you don't pay for the postage.

The contest will run until the end of June.  I'll notify the winner via email and get the mailing address at that time.  And because I have many readers outside the U.S., I'll leave the contest open to anyone in the world who wants to enter!

Thanks very much for doing so, and good luck!

And, by the way, if you've read "The Zombie's Lament," and you've found this blog entry from my author bio in the book, please feel free to leave a comment here and let me know what you thought of the story.  Please and thank you, and thanks for reading my work! 


  1. Oh is volume 2 out yet? Let me know when it is, if love to read your story and support them since they bought it!

    1. Awesome of you to say so! I'll write a blog entry on my main site, and here, when it's available. I'll know it even before my free copy comes because I'll see the payment in my PayPal account--which I'll use almost immediately to buy a 1909-1911 T206 or an 1888 Old Judge baseball card. Because I'm cool like that.

    2. I swear my eyes didn't roll even one bit ;)

    3. No, it's okay. I'm past worrying about appearing cool and hip to others. (That was my 20s.) Now I embrace my excessive nerdiness and lack of cool!!! But you should see these cards...and they never decrease in value. They're so old, and in such demand, that they rise in value exponentially every year. I made sure my hobby was also fiscally responsible!!!

  2. Also, I love and laughed at the imagery from the sex scenes: law memos and sticky notes stuck to sweaty bodies and a belly button.

    1. Thanks, Storyteller! The story you refer to is "Everything's Connected," but I appreciate the comment nonetheless!